Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I didn't disappear!

I knew I was getting behind on my posts, but I didn't realize it was this bad! Despite my lack of posting I actually have been creating like crazy. I've been on a serious sewing kick. And by that I mean, I've been doing almost nothing else. Have I mentioned before that I think I get a little OCD about things? Yeah, I get going on something, and if it is something that I like doing, I get a little out of control. I obsessively continue in whatever the activity tends to be. Too bad I don't like exercise or house cleaning, or at least not yet. I suppose there is still hope for me in those areas.
I've been buying fabric of course, but I've also been trying to use up some of the fun fabric that I already had on hand. With that in mind I made two almost matching skirts for the little girls. They are made with 3 coordinating black and cream fabrics. I had Alissa wear her skirt to church with some Persnickity (dang I love their clothes! Many of my creations are inspired by their things.) lace ruffled leggings and lace t-shirt. She was too cute for words. Oh, and of course she was sporting the matching hair pretty that I had made as well.

Here is where I promise to do better. Hahaha. I guess time will tell.


  1. SO CUTE!!!! I wish I had your creative talents!!

  2. Adorable tressa! It's a good thing these two girls came to you :)