Monday, March 25, 2013

Princess Party

What little girl doesn't want a princess party? So far all of my girls have wanted one, so I kind of have things figured out by now. So daughter #3 had her princess party on Saturday to celebrate her 4th birthday. She had informed me that Cinderella was her favorite princess, so she starred in the party.
Decorations were pretty simple. Pink crepe paper streamers all over the place with pink balloons that we taped up with the streamers. I'm not a huge fan of regular balloons because I am fairly paranoid until they are all in the garbage and away from little people who think that they want to "help" blow them up. But, on the other hand I am too cheap to buy the fancy balloons. You know the kind, they are $4-$8 apiece at the party store or grocery store. Well, the other day I stopped at the dollar store and discovered that they sell them! So a helium filled "fancy" balloon is $1. I can do those sort of prices. So, we got several princess balloons to add to the party atmosphere.

We asked that all of the princesses come dressed in their finery. My two little girls loved getting dressed up for the party. The birthday girl was of course Cinderella and the little sister wore a princess dress I had made a few years ago for Halloween. Add the tiaras and they were perfect!

For the cake I decided to do the traditional doll cake. We found a Cinderella barbie at the store and then I used my Pampered Chef mixing bowl to bake the cake (it takes two to get the height needed). Add some frosting, color and roll out the fondant, stick the doll in, and then finish off with some frosting and edible pearls.

But then I got to thinking, where would I put the candles? So, I made some cupcakes to go around the base. I found some cute cupcake wraps, picks, and then the perfect candles. For the frosting I tried the jello frosting that has been going around Pinterest. I got the perfect pink color with a yummy flavor from strawberry jello. It is a pretty good frosting, but not for everything.

I had plenty of games and activities to keep little girls entertained and busy. We made necklaces.

 Had a royal ball freeze dance.


 Played Pin the Kiss on the Frog.

 We colored princess pictures, played poison apple (hot potato, but with an apple), and find Cinderella's slipper (hot and cold). It was a lot of fun to introduce the girls to traditional party games. Most of them had never played them. Lots of fun!

Then we opened presents and had cupcakes (we ended up saving the cake for the next day which was her actual birthday).

 It was a wonderful party. The birthday girl had a great time, and we heard that the visiting princesses loved it as well. Yay!

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