Thursday, March 14, 2013

Matching outfits

One of the joys of having two little girls is being able to dress them super cute and matchy. I'm sure I've said that before, but I really am thoroughly enjoying it. I loved it the first time around with my two big girls. But, this time it is even better. Why? Well, I have more time to sew for them. I have more money, although not excessively so. And, I realize that eventually they refuse to let you dress them the same. Just the thought of trying to get my 14 year old and 12 year old daughters to dress "matchy" is cracking me up. Hahahaha!
I sewed these pants and shirts for the little girls the other day, but I'm just having Alissa model it this time. I didn't even get her hair done or the hair pretty put in. Ugh! Oh well, at least you can see the outfit. I think that they turned out really cute. I'm looking forward to some warmer weather (yes I know, I live in Southern California, it is pretty much always relatively warm) so that they can wear them together. It really needs to be in the 80's to be comfortable in these very summery outfits.

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