Wednesday, March 27, 2013


The kids were doing a bit of yard work, and by that I really do mean a little tiny bit. Our backyard consists of pool, concrete, and fake grass putting green. There are two trees in planters and two little flower areas. The front yard has two topiary trees (at least that is what we call them), some roses, a big climbing "paper" tree, and a weird grass like ground cover stuff. So, it is a pretty low maintenance yard. But, between the front walkway and the driveway is this odd little strip of ground that was full of flowers which had been taken over by weeds and snails which was causing the flowers to die. Whatever. I wasn't super attached to the flowers anyhow.
In anticipation of needing to park 3 cars in our driveway the space needed to be more user friendly, Hugging the side of the suburban while getting in and out of it with little girls in tow was really annoying. So, I solved the problem. Around 50 flagstones and a few flats of moss and a lot of work and it is so much nicer! The moss will spread and fill in all of the space between the flagstones. It will be much easier to give a kid the job of pulling weeds because anything taller than 2 inches gets pulled. They can totally figure that one out without getting confused between a flowering plant and a weed. Hahaha!

So, now we can walk in the area and I still have a splash of color from a few pots of flowers. The sprinklers water the moss and the flowers. I'm loving this new solution!

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