Monday, March 11, 2013

A day of love

Valentine's Day is kind of a funny holiday in my mind. It does feel a little contrived and it can put unnecessary pressure on loved ones. When my sweet husband and I were very first married we were of course poor college students. When Valentine's Day rolled around we were just coming up on our 2 month anniversary. I opted to make sugar cookies for my love and make a nice dinner. We decided that Valentine's Day would be a stay at home sort of a holiday and a tradition was born.
Every year (although I am sure I have missed a year or two over the past 20 years) I make sugar cookies. The kids usually help me decorate all of them and we have a great time. The other tradition we have is that I make a super fancy dinner. We get out the nice dishes, champagne glasses, fancy goblets, eat by candlelight, etc. In other words I pull out all the stops for this particular dinner.
This year I decided to do steaks, baked asparagus, mashed potatoes, homemade rolls, and king crab legs. Oh, and of course you can't forget the sparkling apple cider. These crab legs were absolutely enormous. We had to put one of the claws on the plate for the picture because the legs stuck off of the plate by about 5 inches on either side. So yummy!

Valentine's Day to me is a day to tell not only my wonderful husband how much I love him, but also my fabulous children. We don't do gifts, and rarely even do flowers (I can't stand that florists double their prices for the few days before and after Valentine's Day!). It is not a stressful holiday. It is all about family, and for that reason it is one of my favorite holidays.

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