Friday, January 11, 2013

Let's get started!

I love to make "hair pretties" for my girls. It is definitely one of the perks of girls, getting to dress them up to the nines. For some reason I was feeling like I had nothing super cute in a basic black, so I decided to solve that problem
When I sat down at my sewing/craft table I saw my leftovers from a project I did just before Thanksgiving. I had made a dress for Maylee to match a dress that Alissa had (I bought the exact fabric from the company for this exact purpose). They are very distinctive dresses with lots of bright colors and I knew I didn't have anything in the hair pretty buckets to truly do them justice. So, I added another set of flowers to my workflow. I think they turned out fabulously.
A few days passed and it was Saturday night. I knew exactly which dresses I wanted the girls to wear to church the next day, and I knew I needed to make another set of flowers to go with their dresses that they had gotten for Christmas. They are beautiful solid blue and blue plaid super fancy dresses from Gymboree. So, I pulled out some solid blue fabric and set to work. The gold and sparkle buttons were a good pop of color, but it wasn't quite enough. I rummaged through my stuff and found some gold birdcage. I loved it!

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