Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Alternative to a curtain rod

The windows in this house are so odd. In my front room and formal dining room I have 2 banks of windows. The front room has windows in the corner. Yes, I could do a 90 degree angle curtain rod, but one side of the windows is almost flush with a wall that pops out. There isn't even any room for a curtain rod at all unless it ended "in" the wall. So, for a year I have had no curtains in that room (although let's be real, I don't have curtains in any room!), but it hasn't been a huge problem because we have nice plantation shutters on every window in the house. While in Arizona for Thanksgiving my sister had an interesting curtain treatment that I decided to copy. I added a medallion behind the hardware to make it pop a bit more and to help it be stronger. I'll do pictures of the entire curtain later, because I need to fix them (how is it that I measured AT LEAST 5 times and they aren't the right length??). But, for now here is my alternative to a curtain rod.
My corner windows
A close up of the medallion and hardware. My alternative to curtain rod.

See the wall that starts at the edge of the window? Seriously, a man has to have designed this house!

I have 3 medallions per curtain panel.

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