Friday, May 17, 2013

Finished side table

Chalk paint really is pretty neat. I quite enjoyed the process actually. I ended up putting 2 coats of Annie Sloan Old White paint onto the table top and legs because the dark was showing through too much. I left the underside with just one coat. Partially so I could compare and partially because I knew it wouldn't be seen. Yes, I am not a perfectionist. Hahaha
After the two coats had dried I took a piece of sand paper to the table top, sides, and legs just a little bit. I like the shabby look, but definitely not too shabby. After wiping up all of the ensuing dust I broke out the wax. I can't lie, this step was worrisome for me. How much to use? Was I putting it on right? Well, I went for a less is more sort of an attitude. I had watched several tutorials so I was somewhat prepared. You really do get a feel for it as you go. Once I put on the clear wax I opened the very dark dark wax. I used an Annie Sloan brush for the clear wax, but I didn't want it to get stained by the dark wax. So, I used a piece of cheesecloth to apply the dark wax. I think I'll look for a generic brush like the Annie Sloan brush for the dark wax for my next project. I definitely liked using the brush as opposed to the cheesecloth. I felt like wherever I touched the cheesecloth to the table after picking up some dark wax it left a mark that I couldn't blend in. It was a little odd. But, I forged ahead. I had heard that clear wax on top of the dark wax (which you want to do anyhow) could even out the dark wax. I didn't actually find that to be true for me. Maybe I didn't use enough wax in my initial application? I don't know.
Once the wax had cured and hardened I buffed it with another piece of cheesecloth. Don't skip the buffing step! It is amazing the difference. It really brings out the understated sheen. I really do love the final product.
I'll definitely be doing some more chalk paint projects. In fact I am hoping to find some pieces tomorrow morning when I go out to garage sales.

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